Do you know that a lot of people secretly have been packing a huge sum of Naira into their pockets via weekly updates on Dex’s Blog Tips for Soccer Lovers (pool)???

Do you play pool? Do you want to turn your love and passion for football into Money Bag? Dex’s Blog is here to support you on a weekly basis. We have international Tipsters whose passion is to at least give us games we can proudly Bank on.

I know you are still in doubt with so many questions running through your mind, like; do I need to pay to get these games? Not at all, it’s free of charge. Secondly, what do I do to get these games across?? All you got to do is log on to and become one of our subscribers. Then always check on the side bar of our homepage, you’ll see Dex’s Blog Tips for Soccer Lovers (pool) for desktop/laptop users, but for mobile user, just log into and scroll down in the homepage and locate Dex’s Blog Tips for Soccer Lovers (pool).

Additionally, we’ll be sending the first one hundred (100) subscribers daily football odds for those who bet on a daily basis.

These tips are being updated mostly on Fridays or early Saturdays before 9:00am as our international Tipster desires, just to reduce abuse or misuse. If you want to talk to our tipsters personally or want to get the game write inside your phone inbox, you can write to our mail



                          WHAT ARE YOU STILL WAITING FOR???

                          RUSH AND PANIC NO MORE FOR LOSS.



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