Facebook user, Obongodiong Ikpe, a final year student of the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, told how he would have lost his life after the ceiling fan in his hostel broke and came crashing down on Saturday morning, January 14th.

According to Ikpe, one of his room mates had gone for for church vigil while the other was hospitalized, so he changed his sleeping position that night before going to sleep. He was asleep when the ceiling fan came crashing on the exact spot where he usually sleep. Below is his post on Facebook 
“So this is how they would have said about me today:
“time of death – 5:38am, 14/01/2017
Cause of Death- Hit by a Falling Fan while asleep”
Location – M2 Hostel, University of Uyo.
Principal witness – Edikan Ufanobong
News Headlines – Final Year student of Uniuyo found dead in the Hostel.

Thank you Jesus, now I know for a FACT that “All things work together for good for them that loved the Lord.Cos when Victor Ekeng became sick and was hospitalized (due to be discharged this morning) and Ekemini Wholesome went for a church program last night, I never knew It was part of your plans to rearrange my sleeping position and save me from imminent danger. Please join me thank this AWESOME GOD for saving me. #HeSavedMe#Reigners_Collapse_Part2_



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