Asaigbo foundation in their last pageant contest,crowned a lot of outstanding queens. But among the rest of the queens, I bring to you her excellency Queen Omoha Jennifer Nneoma, the most beautiful queen representing Abia State.

Queen Jennifer,19, a student of Applied Biology in Ebonyi State University(EBSU) really poured out her heart to us on a 1 and 1 section with her,where she inundated us with her sensational ambitions as a beauty queen…

It has really been my utmost desire to reduce or even put a stop to the rate at which children are been abused,mostly the children hocking in the major express roads of Abia state, it puts their life at risks and exposes them to death.

I know it’s going to be a herculean task for me, but I am not achieving this all alone,therefore I’m as well planning to draw the government attention to my request through my courtesy visit to the Head of States,to enable us all have a better state of mind.”…she said

In further conversation with queen Jennifer,the queen with a heart of gold, she expressed her feelings and care for the less privilege, mostly, motherless babies and orphanages and has declared to always pay visits to their various homes.


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