Justice Tsoho, In the judgement he delivered yesterday, held that the former first lady could not sustain her claims that her fundamental human rights have been violated by the anti-graft agency.

The court also held that Patience Jonathan’s case was largely weakened by the claim of the EFCC that investigation of the alleged crime against the former first lady is ongoing and in progress. 

The anti-graft agency had, in its deposition that bogus sums of money, suspected to be proceeds of crime were lodged in the sealed bank accounts, which the former first lady claimed belongs to her.

According to Justice Tsoho, the case of the applicant (Jonathan’s wife) is not sustained, adding that the law does not limit the period of investigation of crime.



On the complaint by the former first lady that EFCC violated her rights to private and family life, the court held that there was no evidence to show that the respondent (EFCC) raided her houses.

On the applicant’s alleged violation of rights to a fair hearing, the court held that her rights have not been violated in any way, as the court had granted EFCC an interlocutory order, sealing the properties on a reasonable ground of suspicion that the properties were obtained by proceeds of crime.

Justice Tsoho also justified the preservative order granted the anti-graft agency by the court and added that it does not amount to a violation of the applicant’s right.

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He also dismissed the applicant’s claims that her right to human dignity was violated by media publications by EFCC, on the ground that most of the exhibits annexed by the applicant were online publications.


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