United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc, is a leading pan-African financial services group headquartered in Nigeria. It is one of Africa’s best and most resilient banking.

With the recent transition in the Banking system, from analogue to digital. UBA being one of the top Banks in Africa, have not been left out on this. They have been able to serve their customers right with different electronic banking platform,all in the quest of wowing there customers and making transaction easy for them.

With this shortlisted digital products,UBA customers finds it very easy to transact,even at the comfort of their respective homes, offices,market,etc. Below are the UBA digital products and steps to enrol yourself without coming to the Bank for assistance.3


Just as the name implies this code does wonders,it’s really a big relief to customers who doesn’t like to go around with smartphones,due to insecurity and other personal reasons.

USSD CODE(*919#) is a UBA magic code, just a dial your transaction is completed. You can use this code in any type of phone,ranging from the smallest Nokia 3310 to every other kind of phone,even the Chinese made phones.

Like i mentioned before,this code does magic, see below the magical transactions you can do with this code *919#

  • Buy Airtime for self
  • Buy Airtime for others
  • Transfer UBA to UBA
  • Transfer Other Banks
  • Transfer Prepaid Cards
  • Check Account Balance
  • Buy Data for self and others
  • Block ATM card(s) when lost or stolen
  • Banking Services
  • Pin Change,Reset
  • Generate OTP for online transactions
  • etc

Note,daily transaction limit for this magic code is #200,000 transaction,otherwise rush to the Bank immediately to apply for a secure pass(token) to surpass this daily limit.


Make sure you have a valid phone number linked to your account,if not,goto the nearest UBA branch within you,fill a cross selling form(change of number form) and confirm your phone number is properly linked to your account.

Then dial *919*00#,you’d be asked to put your 10 digit NUBAN number,neglect the big grammer,just type in your account number fast and send. Another page would come up requesting for your PIN, fastly type in your ATM secret PIN(the 4 digit pin you withdraw with) and send. Then the next page comes up asking for the last four digit of your card (check the numbers

written on your ATM card,copy out the last four numbers only) and send. Lastly,you’d be asked to put a referral ID (staff ID), it’s a Bank code just type A24834 and send,boom! You’re good to go. Welcome to UBA magic code youre now eligible to transact magically with this code *919#.

check out these direct codes

*919*00#( check balance)

*919*4# (transfer other banks)

*919*3# (transfer UBA to UBA)

*919*8# (generate OTP)




This one is strictly done on smartphones,so if you want it, go get yourself a smartphone. It has a very nice graphic display,with this app you don’t need a customer service,it’s a serve yourself kind of product,it has wonderful services contained in it.

With UBA Mobile Banking App, knowing your balance,getting your statement of account(from any month or year),inter-bank transfers up to 5 Million Naira per day,pay bills,buy airtime/data,etc is a step close. Therefore this will breach therefore this app will go a long way to help business men who fall victim of unsuccessful transaction between them and their mobile customers who’s always in a rush after purchase of goods. just a one time login you would be able to view your transaction history and confirm your payments.

UBA Mobile Banking App can help you locate the nearest UBA ATM or Bank within your close,in case you happen to find yourself in a strange environment. A whole lot is well packaged in this particular product.

To get this application,go straight to your Google Play-store for Android and Apple App-store for iPhone users, Microsoft users can be enjoying the USSD code for now till your own version is out. Meanwhile others mentioned above can use the search box,type in UBA Mobile App (32.4mb) install and open the application.

Read the terms and condition and click allow, click new to mobile banking>>>>using Debit card(if you’re registering with your ATM card), Prepaid card(if you have a prepaid card),you can as well use Account + secure pass if you have a token or continue in Branch for customers who account is cooperate. I will emphasize more on customers who’d be registering using debit card(i.e Master Card,Verve,Visa).

Click on New user to mobile banking>>>click on Debit card,when it opens take your time to fill in the empty boxes

  • Your account number(ex. 2044445556)
  • The first six digit of your ATM card(506102 for verve card, or 519911 for master or 422584 for visa)
  • The last four digits(i.e the very last four numbers in your ATM card ex. 5467)
  • CARD PIN (This is your current ATM PIN)
  • Referral ID use A24834

Then click on VALIDATE. Next page shows where you’d put in the cards expiry date,chose the month and year and validate. A verification code would be sent to your line,the valid phone number registered or linked to your account. Copy it and type it into the box,in most cases if the phone number is in the current phone you’re registering the app on,the code will automatically generate itself,but otherwise just minimize and copy and paste the code in the box and submit. Here comes another page requesting you should set up your PIN and PASSWORD. Choose any four digit pin you can recall or rather you can still use your ATM PIN for ease and re-enter. Then for the PASSWORD chose something alphanumeric(i.e alphabet and numbers) and make it up to 8 characters ,example of your name is Chioma Akpotha, and your PIN is 3338,you can set your password as chioma3338 to match the security policy. After the PIN and PASSWORD set up, submit and welcome to UBA Mobile Banking APP. Then take your time to explore this unique app, I bet you’d never want to leave there.


3. UBA ChatBanking(Leo)



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