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Nicki Minaj Lays Smackdown On Twitter Users That Calls Her A Hypocrite

Nicki Minaj Lays Smackdown On Twitter Users That Calls Her A Hypocrite: Nicki Minaj set the bar with her provocative yet regal display on the Queen album cover, the image where she lays on a tree bark with nothing but Hellenistic jewelry covering “the spots.” Her detractors were quick to call her pro-sex posture obscene, her response was to implicate the term “modern day prostitutes” into the discussion. That didn’t go over too well as you might imagine.

The full quote where she defends her sexual image with Elle Magazine’sDevin Gordon goes as the following:

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(MUSIC) Nicki Minaj – Rich Sex ft Lil Wayne


Full blown, run rich, Brinx

Yo, mula, yo, yeah


I know what these niggas like, and it ain’t my charm

I ain’t stupid, this $250 on my arm

I like money more than dick, nigga, that’s a fact

You think pussy’s everything? Well, let’s have a chat

A-a-ass out, pussy fat, point me to a rich nigga

Who gon’ Rico, Ace me, pay in full my money, Mitch, nigga?I’ma help him fuck the check up, I’ma run the business

If your girl don’t get it poppin’, put me on your wishlist

Hitlist, now he sendin’ gifts like if it’s Christmas

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