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Best No’s of the Week

Dexs Blog No's of the week

Dexs Blog No’s of the week

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Dex’s Blog promised its subscribers, that every saturday by 13:00 CAT will surely be a smilling day for those who got passion for football and lovers of pool. Dex’s Blog has provision of local and international tipsters who will not dissapoint in      displaying unique numbers that will be atleast make you smile when you check the score board.

The displayed Number “38,42”  came out as a result of the long time compillation of draw from our Tipsters(local/international) including other unique numbers you can locate beside the menu(side bar) when you open Dex’s Blog. Always feel free to check on every saturday @ 1:00-2:00 to get it…we apologize for the lateness,the Tipster made it preferably that time “good things don’t come easily”  they said… Have a Reddish Weekend


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