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Payoneer is a financial business platform that provides online money transfer and payment services. It is also a registered member in Mastercard worldwide.

Payoneer account has been in existence since 2005 and the company is situated in New York City, USA. It gives access to people from different parts of the world to receive payment through their channel and at the same time be able to withdraw those payments.

Payoneer allocates a virtual account number to their subscribers so as to ease access to payment made online as we all know Paypal denied Nigeria access to withdrawing funds from Nigeria. Payoneer serves as an easier means to withdraw payment from services delivered online. With Payoneer, you can activate a US bank account and then you’d be given a US account details that will contain your checking number and routing number. Those would be the detail you need whenever you want to receive payments into a US bank account.

So, if you are interested in knowing how to open a Payoneer account, fund it and withdraw money from the account in Nigeria ; I am here to share that with you. Sign up for a Payoneer account Here and then continue  reading.



How to use Payoneer in NigeriaApplying for Payoneer Mastercard in Nigeria is very easy. If you wish to acquire one today, follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to then click on Sign Up. Application is totally free.
  2. Fill in your full name, address and other details carefully, as it is in the ID card you wish to use for verification.
  3. Set password, Secret Question and Answer and select your ID type e.g driver’s license, National I.D card, etc.
  4. Enter alternate address if it’s different from the address you provided earlier. Beware that the Payoneer Debit Card would be shipped to the same address in Nigeria. So it should be very clear and correct. Make sure you used the correct post code of the address you are using.
  5. After that, click on “Order” Button.

It usually takes about few days for the application to be confirmed and approved after which the Payoneer Mastercard would be packaged and dispatched to your location here in Nigeria. Once you have been approved, you will receive notification via the email address you provided during registration.

Delivery of the Payoneer Mastercard to your Nigerian address might take few weeks or months. If the estimated time has elapsed and you fail to receive it, there is need for you to visit the nearest Post Office branch in your locality, give them your name and the shipping address and they will help you to track it.

You will be directed through your email address to confirm that you have received the card by login into your Payoneer account and keying in your card number. After that, you have automatically activated the card for use.

You will be asked to fund it before you can be able to use it to pay or buy goods online. But if you have a fund online you wish to withdraw, you can go right ahead and do that.

If you are looking for a safe, reliable and widely accepted means of payments and carrying out your transactions online, Payoneer MasterCard is solely meant for you.


Immediately after you activated your card, there is need for you to log into your Payoneer account with the details you provided when signing up.

After logging into your account, go to “Receive tab” on the top menu to see a drop down menu. From the drop down menu, click on US virtual Bank Account.

Fill in the required information in the boxes provided. After submitting the form, patiently wait for your account creation and confirmation. This usually takes few business days.


  • Withdraw money from Nigerian ATM a machine that supports Mastercard options.
  • Shopping online in stores such as Amazon, Aliexpress, WalMart, AliBaba, Konga, Jumia, etc.
  • To transfer money to another Payoneer Mastercard holder
  • To withdraw your online income in platforms such as fiverr, freelancer, etc.


The methods include;

  1. Funding through another Payoneer Mastercard Account

To Fund your Payoneer Mastercard Account via Card Transfer, Payoneer provides a platform that allows Transferring fund from any other Payoneer Card, Visa, Verve or MasterCard from any bank around the world. All that is required is to locate the Payoneer Load Card Option on and fill in the required information.

The data usually needed at the Payoneer Load Card Page include email address of Payoneer Card Holder you wish to fund, Card Type, the Amount, reason for transferring to the Payoneer MasterCard.

After filling and submitting the form, a transaction fee of $7.50 is to be deducted from the transferring account as charge for the transfer.

  1. Funding Payoneer MasterCard via Online Earnings from Partners.

Another means of sending money to your Payoneer account is by being paid for services you render online on freelancing websites or affiliate sales that you made. This process is not difficult at all. Simply select payoneer as your payment options. Then fill in the card details into the space provided exactly as it is on the card and then save.


Withdrawing cash from payoneer is quite easy and simple, just use one of the method provided below.

  1. You can use the Payoneer Mastercard to withdraw money from any Nigerian ATM pay point that accepts MasterCard using the normal ATM withdrawal method though some charges are incurred on each withdrawal.
  2. You can also do Withdrawal of Funds from Payoneer to Your Local Bank and thereafter, withdraw the cash via your local bank account.

HOW TO WITHDRAW FROM PAYONEER ACCOUNT IN NIGERIAPayoneer introduced Local Bank Transfer service which allows you to withdraw your funds straight into your local bank account. This service is open to anyone with a Payoneer account in 210 countries and Nigeria is part of these countries. Now you don’t necessarily have to use your ATM every time and incur some unnecessary charges. You can withdraw your funds straight into your bank account and then withdraw via your bank ATM.

When you transfer to your local bank account, charges are lower.

It can be done through the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Payoneer account. From the main menu, select Withdraw and then To Bank Account. If it’s your first trial, there is need for you to add a bank account in order to begin withdrawing funds. To do so, click + Add new beneath the bank account field and fill in the required details.

The required details will include card number, card CVV, date of birth and password. This is a security measure.

You can now submit your bank information to complete the sign up. This sign up will have to be approved manually which means they will check all your details to be sure your account is in indeed correct.

Add your bank name like “ZENITH BANK PLC”. Add your bank account name just like you have it on your account, and then enter your 10 digit account number. For the swift number of your bank, go to Swift Code Nigeria to get your bank’s swift code and put it in the swift code space. For bank address, enter your local bank address.

For bank account descriptions, you can key in “savings account”. Agree to terms by checking the boxes and click “finish” and you are done.

Once submitted, your bank account details will be reviewed and verified. This process generally takes a few business days. Once your bank account has been verified, you will receive an email confirmation and can then begin withdrawing funds.

To continue the Withdrawal, follow the steps below;

  • In the drop-down box, select the currency balance or card from which you would like to withdraw funds.
  • In the To drop-down box, select the destination bank account – the bank account into which the funds will be deposited.
  • In the Withdrawal Amount field, enter the amount which you would like to withdraw.

Before entering the amount, note the minimum and maximum amounts and your available balance.

Also know that you can only withdraw sums not less than $200 and sums not higher than $10,000 at any time.

  • In the Description field, enter a short description of the withdrawal. This is a mandatory field. Then Click Next.
  • Fill in the details in the Security Confirmation page and click Finish.

That’s it! You will receive an email confirmation after completing the withdrawal and the funds will reach your account within 3-5 business days.

After you Withdraw Funds from Payoneer to Your Local Bank, then you can use your local bank account to withdraw your money.

All thanks to Payoneer Mastercard. Withdrawing money from services rendered online has been made much easier instead of going through the hurdles of looking for numerous means of withdrawing online income. With payoneer Mastercard, you can be able to receive money from any part of the world and have it transferred down to your local bank account with barely 1.5% charge of the transaction amount. The payoneer platform has given most Nigerians meaningful means of earning income online.

If you have not register for  a new Payoneer account, you can Sign Up now.

If you have any challenge with your Nigeria Payoneer account, use the comment box below to your drop question(s) or comments.

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