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How to Select and Delete Multiple/All Facebook friends at a click

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Social Media networks are good tips to fight boredom for but it can get pretty intense and overwhelming sometimes. It’s all fun and games when you’re engaged in interesting conversations with 3, 4 people but when 100, 200 people demand for your attention at a time, you begin to question the choices you’ve made in life that have led up to this situation.

The scenario described above is one of the many reasons you would want to delete all your facebook friends and start afresh!
It’s not normal to have thousands of Facebook friends – Unless you’re promoting a brand, marketing a business or just love the internet celebrity feeling.

I had the need to delete over 3000 friends from a Clients Facebook account, a task that would require some automation and allow selecting all friends and deleting at one click – Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow multiple deletes but after some Googling, trials and errors – Here’s what worked.

Steps to Select and Delete Multiple/All Facebook friends
Preriquisite – The steps listed below must be carried out on either Google Chrome Browser or Mozilla Firefox.
The procedure requires the use of Browser Add-on and script which will “magically” inject SELECT ALL and DELETE ALL SELECTED buttons to your friend list.

  • Depending on your choice of Browser – Install GreaseMonkey Firefox Add-on Or Get TamperMonkey Add-on for Google Chrome
    Please Restart Browsers after installation is complete.
  • A Userscript is required which is available at click to install facebook User script and grant appropriate permission during installation.
  • With the UserScript installed and Add-on enabled, Visit your Facebook profile > Click Friends > Press F5 to reload the page (repeatedly if necessary). Your friend list should now include easy to select check boxes, Select All and Delete Selected buttons.

    Delete all Facebook Friends

  • TIP 1: Facebook displays about 20 friends per page, to select / delete all friends, You must continuesly scroll down till All friends on your list are completely displayed. Scroll back up, click Select all and then Delete selected Friends.Mark friends you wish to delete invidually
  • TIP 2: The Select All and Delete all script is over a year old, so sometimes the buttons are not displayed. A little patience, re-login, refreshing the page (F5) will do the trick.

NOTE: Unfriending  or Deleting friends cannot be undone.

Got questions or comments about using this method to delete friends, Hit the Reply button.
I’m open to try other ways to achieve this task – do share.

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