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Wizkid is not fit to father my child baby mama

Nigerian superstar singer, born Ayodeji Balogun and known worldwide as Wizkid may have conquered the music world but seems to have come short in managing his fatherhood calling. The singer, who has three baby mamas was called out by one of them for not being a good father to her son.
Sola Ogudu, who is the first woman to have had a child for the Star Boy took to her Twitter account on Tuesday to accuse the singer of not being a good father to their son, Boluwatife who celebrated his 7th birthday recently. According to Sola, she has been both father and mother to their son.
Her tweet: “ Being a mom and a dad and still manage to slay all at once on a legit income. Please I need my accolades served chilled. It’s very deserved. ….. I feel the need to call someone out soon bad, like just blast our full real history for the public. Let the world know the real truth not the lies this person has made the world believe.”
She didn’t mention Wizkid’s name but stating she has been a mom and dad to her son gave the identity away. And she added “ So because of the fear of God in me I will save this person’s face and leave this person to Karma to do what it does best.”
Everyone knows the Ojuelegba crooner has been living on high as a good father, so, it was a bit of a shock for something of sort to come up. However, some have argued that not giving a ‘shout out’ to support his son’s launch of a clothing line for kids on his 7th birthday isn’t exactly fatherly. Wizkid had nothing on his wall to help promote his first son’s juvenile outfit and perhaps this is what enraged the mother.
When Potpourri reached out to her, she declined further comment on the issue.
When the allegation seemed to be wearing thin, another Wizkid’s baby mama shoved in her face in support of the Star Boy. It was his third baby mama, Jada Pollock and she posted on her wall a picture of the singer cuddling her own son in his arms, with a caption, “ Thank you for always being such an incredible dad Ayo”
It was a snide that was supposed to make Sola Ogudu look bad. It did. But not for long as the second baby mama joined the fray with her own scorecard of Wizkid’s fatherhood assessment.
Binta Diallo who has a two-year old kid for the singer shaded him for not living up to his responsibilities as a caring father.
Her words, “Take care of your kid before impressing the street”. She claims Wizkid only supported her with just 13 thousand dollars over a period of two years.
It was a case of two baby mamas against one. The question now is, who’s telling the truth?

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