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Dexsblog Crew Interview session with Vincent Agbaka aka Vincii

Dexsblog and crew hopped into the hip-hop fast-rising act Vincent Agbaka popularly known on stage as Vincii. We threw some questions to him and below is his response.

What is your name and your stage name?

I’m born Agbaka Vincent but popularly known on Stage as Vincii

Who is your parent and what do they do for a living and their full names?

Mr and Mrs Justine Agbaka, mom is a trader and my dad is late

Tell us briefly about your educational background 4r nursery school to any level you stopped?

I attended my Nursery school at St Eugene’s Nur/primary school Aba Abia state, secondary school at Ritman college JSS1&2 Akwa Ibom state and left to finish up my Junior Secondary School  Living Word Academy Aba Abia state. My Senior secondary was wrapped up at Access Int’l School Aba Abia State. I’m currently studying Agricultural & Bio-Environmental Engineering.

What kind of person are you?

I’m a very friendly person, I’m outspoken, I love to practicalize things, I don’t like no for an answer and I hate to have negative people around me.

Do play any musical instrument?

No, I don’t play any musical instrument

Who inspired you into music?

My inspiration? The likes of M.I Jesse jags 2 face Burna boy and foreign artiste like Rick Ross Eminem Tyga Dave east, etc.

Who is your role model in the entertainment industry?

I’m sorry would it be strange to have more than 1 role model?
I look up to a lot of people BURNA BOY, DREMO PHENOM etc

When did you venture into the entertainment business and how many shows have u been involved in?

I started rapping for as long I can remember back in High school, I can remember I was punished in the assembly for writing down Eminem’s Mocking bird lyrics instead of observing my evening prep classes.

How can people see more of your work?

Most of my released work is on Different sites and few freestyle videos are on my YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. No specific link yet I’m yet to Drop my Ep #LightskinTheEp.

Where do you see yourself in the next Five (5) years? Any plans to collabo with any top stars in the music industry?

With the right platform and God’s grace, I see my self going for shows outside the country entertaining my fans and everybody worldwide with the likes of Burna Boy, Dremo, YCEE, Illbliss, Phenom and most of my up and coming artiste too.

What was your first dream at the early stage of your life?

I have always wanted to do music, I couldn’t imagine life without music.
I love the process of making music, I feel joy when writing a new piece.

In the entertainment industry, who are you hoping to be like or better than?

Do you play any musical instrument?


What is your best colour?

Skye Blue

What’s your bad habit?
Bad habit? I chew on my nails, but it’s work in progress.

Are you married?


What’s your favourite food?

I’m an African man (Egusi and swallow)

What else do you do outside music?

Used to work in a bank, but I have to forward my education, so as they say (knowledge is power)

How is your parent taking your career and what was their reaction towards it when you started?

it gets better, My mom’s friends confess that I make good music, so my mom has no choice to support me, work in progress, but way back she sees musicians as touts living lavish lives and having tattoo markings. But now she’s cool with me doing music.

Do you have friends, group or team you roll with?

Yeah, I roll with a few, the likes of Eriklin, UC Flamez, Dalukes (Music Producer), Dopez Beatz (Music Producer), Dex Cools the Lyrical Banker.

What’s your date of birth?

January 2nd ’95
What sports did you partake while in school?

Virtually every sport. My family kept making things happen when it came to sports I wasn’t an exception mostly (soccer, Long jump, track Races).

What do you think upcoming artists are passing through in the industry?

Up and coming artists are really passing through a lot, we don’t have good platforms to showcase ourselves and when we perform the coordinators always want a free show from us. Common we make good music and we should get paid, cuz we pay so as to record the songs and we pay to blog them and have them played on the radio station.

As an upcoming artiste, what advice can you give to the upcoming artiste

My advice to up and coming artiste is that they shouldn’t quit. Practice makes perfect and being humble should be a trademark as well. Learn every day and do good songs. Most importantly be yourself don’t try to copy others, BE OUTSTANDING WITH A GOOD CONTENT.

What can u say about Dexsblog.com & Crew?

Dexsblog Crew is a very good site, they work tirelessly and they update their library, I think this platform is good for an up and coming artiste to showcase their songs.

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