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Must Read: The Steps on the Staircase of Success

There is NO elevator to success, you ALWAYS have to take the STAIRS: Literally & Physically
Apart from DISCOVERING YOURSELF, there are only 5(five)steps on your staircase to SUCCESS
1. Stop relying on others: You are your biggest cheerleader. Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you. You are the only one looking at your face in the mirror and you are the only one able to land yourself the next promotion. THIS IS THE FIRST STEP

2. Embrace your fails and protect yourself from burnout: If you make a mistake, focus on all the positive things you have in your life. Work extra hard the next time, but take time for self-care so you don’t feel drained. The fall of a man as it’s said is NEVER the end of his life. THIS IS THE SECOND STEP…. NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SAY NEVER.

3. Practice time management & set goals: You compulsorily need to have top-notch time management skills. It is important to manage your time effectively, especially if you are always busy with your job or studies. Your time is very limited and you’re always doing many things at once because you must take opportunities. You would never be able to do all the things you do if you don’t plan ahead or set goals for the future. THIS IS THE THIRD STEP… BE YOUR OWN TIMEKEEPER

4. Learning to say no: you really need to work on this!!! People, like you, You have a tendency to be liked by others. So you don’t need to go out of our way to do things to please them. This leads to a problem because you can’t finish what you need for yourself. I remember before admission when the people I babysat for would randomly ask me to stay late certain days. I would almost always say yes even though I had tons of homework to finish because I felt bad saying no. Of course, I still got everything done. I always find a way to finish tasks, but you can’t please everyone. Prioritize your time and don’t compromise your productivity. THIS IS THE FOURTH STEP….. YOUR TIME IS YOUR MONEY…LEARN TO TELL PEOPLE THAT WANT TO WASTE IT NO

5. Focus on the journey, not the destination: Find your passion and never give up. I often find myself getting frustrated because I haven’t reached my end goal or dream job yet. HELLO! I am only 22 and I have so much more time to accomplish everything I want. I sit back and remind myself to enjoy and focus on the experience I am getting RIGHT NOW. The journey is preparing me for the future and the end destination. THIS IS THE FIFTH STEP ON YOUR STAIRCASE TO SUCCESS.

Remember that it’s okay to fail. It means you are trying. Do what makes you happy and find something you are passionate about. You will then find and live your own definition of success.
Believing in yourself is really the first secret to success.
I’ve never had any trouble with that and you shouldn’t either. Dream big and believe you can do it.

On that note….I’m going to keep climbing. See you at the top 🙂

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