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(Photo) What would you do if you have access to Brown’s garage for just one day?

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Chris Brown expensive garage

Chris Brown has some heat stashed away in the garage.

If you venture into my garage, you’ll find a few basketballs lying around, garbage bins, some cans of food and empty shoe boxes. Taking a walk inside Chris Brown’s garage is a completely different experience. The inventory lining Breezy’s storage space can comfortably cover my entire student loan debt as well as buy me a nice little mansion to settle down in. CB has been in the music industry for over a decade and, throughout his career, he’s managed to remain relevant the entire time. While he may be controversial, the superstar from Virginia has enough talent, charisma, and preparation to continually be one of the top-earning artists on the planet. Thus, he can afford to stash away three Lambos in his sneaker room.

Chris Brown expensive garage

Showing off his shoe room, Breezy posted a picture of his room, which contains hundreds of pairs of sought-after kicks. The shot was taken from far away so we’re not sure of exactly what kind of grails the singer is sitting on but, in clear view in the foreground, there are three exotic cars just sitting there all shiny and beautiful, begging to be taken for a spin. “BREEZY GTA,” he captioned the photo, reminding us all that he’s living a pretty darned good life.

What would you do to have access to Brown’s garage for just one day?


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