It was expected United would need to break their club transfer record to sign Sancho this summer, although any hopes of a deal have been complicated by the ongoing global health crisis.

Sancho and his teammate Erling Haaland were both expected to attract serious attention at the end of the season, but Langerak insists nether of them have any reason to leave the club.

“There’s absolutely no reason why any of them should leave,” Langerak told Stats Perform.

“For example, Lewandowski left Dortmund [in 2014] at around 24-25. [He was] smashing it at Dortmund and he’s been smashing it at Bayern Munich. Went there as the absolute starting striker. The same as Gundogan. He came at 21 and left at 24-25 [in 2016]. And went to Manchester City and he’s killing it.

Former Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper Mitch Langerak says there is ‘no reason’ why Jadon Sancho should join Manchester United this summer.

“There’s no rush for those guys to leave when they have the perfect situation. Haaland could go 10 games without a goal and the fans would celebrate him like no tomorrow. They’ll never get on his back or criticize him.

Credit: Manchester Evening News