Wed. Mar 3rd, 2021

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I Will Never Forget – CEO Asaigbo, Mike Akubueze Remembers His Loss

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The CEO of the prestigious beauty pageant Asaigbo Beauty Pageant Mr. Mike Akubueze remembers his loss as a result of a robbery attack at his hometown in Owerri.

He took to his main Facebook account this morning in pains as he remembers the unfortunate day he was robbed of his belongings.

He said:

One week after this meeting, five heavily armed robbers struck in my house in Owerri, held my entire household hostage and locked us all ( my self, my four kids, my brother staying with me and our house help . My wife traveled that day) in visitors room and ransacked our house. They took away many things in the house including this my beautiful cherish laptop and also took away my ATM ( company account ATM) and used the ATM to withdraw money in a bank in Owerri. Mind you, they made me gave them the pin code after threatening to kill all my children and me if they insert it in their POS machine they claimed to come with and it didn’t work.
What baffles me is that I reported to my bank and hope they will get the photo of the criminal that used my UBA ATM card and withdrew money, after all, they charge us for such.
It is almost three years that I made this report at UBA Wethral road and the police too but nothing positive has been heard from both my bank (UBA) and the Police. To think that my bank charges me all kinds of hidden charges ranging from maintenance to other sundry charges yet after three years they can’t get the face of the criminals that waylaid my family and used my ATM.
I told my neighbors and other sympathizers that came to my house that morning that we will catch them because I had gotten alert after they used the ATM to withdraw money. I was this confident because we were made to understand that there is a video recording camera at every ATM dispensing machine.
I missed this laptop so much. I had thought that with the video camera from the bank when they used my ATM card, we would have used it to apprehend them all.
Imagine the trauma my family passed through that night. My first daughter who is in a boarding school just returned for a midterm break a few days before this ugly incident.
My friends and fans in both banking and police force, can’t we use the video recorder from the bank ATM machine to apprehend these criminals.”

The picture below has some consolation comments from his Facebook friends, but there’s one that caught our attention from Emenike Charles Chibuike, who explained how the armed robbers went the extra mile to eat up the food in their kitchen. That’s crazy! 


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