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Check Out This Stripper Who Gets Paid N38m For Sex

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Check Out This Stripper Who Gets Paid N38m For Sex

Hen parties have never been so wild – so for the men on the front-line, it’s their diaries, not just their G-strings, that are bulging.

With a whopping 2,276 stag and hen dos taking place this weekend, it is no wonder business is booming for adult entertainers.

From life models to butlers in the buff and from strippergrams to exotic dancers, the options are endless.

But what is it like to have the starring role at a bachelorette party? Some stories are enough to make poor grooms weep.

Here, three blokes, who have survived hen nights from hell, reveal all to CLARE O’Reilly.

‘The bride’s mates expected s£x’

FLORIS SCHTAZ, 26, from Brighton, has worked for hen party entertainers Butlers with Bums for three years. He also poses naked for a hen do life-drawing classes.

He says: “I was once working with another guy when the bride-to-be poured herself a glass of prosecco, used his male parts to stir it and then drank it down like it was a shot. She ended up as naked as we were, having her picture taken with us.

“I once had a booking where I could tell straight away the bride-to-be’s mates expected me to sleep with her. The groom’s mum was there and shouting for it to happen too, which was weird.


“I never go that far, though I’m often accused of it.

“I had a booking recently where one of the women got really drunk and it was left to me to put her to bed.

“It took about five minutes and when I came back down the rest of the girls were sure I’d slept with her.

“And on an afternoon life-drawing hen do, later that evening I was out with friends when I bumped into the group who’d booked me.

“The bride-to-be stripped in front of me, which was definitely strange.”


‘My body parts were nibbled’

LONDONER Marshall Arkley, 28, from Newham, has been stripping for four years as a performer for Adonis Cabaret nights.

The exhibitionist, who is also available for private bookings, says: “I got a lady on stage once who had no knickers on and didn’t mind the entertainers seeing everything. I got a right eyeful.

“I’ve been bitten and scratched a lot. As part of the Adonis show, we go through the audience and it’s not unusual for women to take a nibble of a body part.

“I’ve had a lady in her seventies come to a show with a tape measure and try to measure me and the other guys as we came off stage.


“I was booked for a private party for the girls from a live adult chat channel recently. All the girls were absolutely stunning. At times it can be hard to stay professional but this is my job.

“I know I’m objectified but none of these women knows me or what I’m like. That helps me stay grounded.

“A lot of women try and figure out what they can get away with when they book me privately.

“A lady offered me £500 for performance if she could touch me where she chose.”


‘I had an £80k s£x offer’

LAST year Ash Edelman, 27, performed on Britain’s Got Talent as part of the Forbidden Nights group.

The entertainer from Maida Hill, West London, has been stripping since 2014.

He says: “I get 20 naked pictures a month, from both guys and girls.


“I was performing at a caravan park a few years ago and had just ended the show with a flag around me when the bride-to-be tried to perform a lewd act on me in front of her mum.

“I was quick enough to move away. I’m not interested in mixing business with pleasure and never have been. Lots of women get their breasts out at the show and think nothing of not wearing any underwear and showing me their private parts.

“You get to a point where you are used to being professional and ignoring it – and you continue the show.

“I had an offer recently from a gay guy to sleep with another gay man for £80,000 – I didn’t take it.

“I’m aware I’m really lucky to do the job I do.

“It’s a thrill taking my clothes off but I know that the women who want me don’t care who I am – only what I look like.”

Credit: Forbidden Forest

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