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Meet Chizzy And Stephanie, The Nollywood Identical Twins That’s Not Blood Related

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Nollywood identical twins


Meet Chizzy And Stephanie, The Nollywood Identical Twins That’s Not Blood Related. The Nollywood look alike actresses who have got Nollywood viewers reacting to their resemblance.

Chizoba Nwokoye popularly known as Sharon Chizzy

Nollywood identical twins is a Nigerian Nollywood actress who has featured in many Nollywood movies including; Without Trust, Church Property, Egg of Love, Perfect Love, American Dream, Identical Twins, and many others.

The young and promising Nollywood actress is a talented and inspirational actress whose role model is actress ChaCha Eke. The actress has got a lot of Nollywood viewers reacting and question the resemblance with Stephanie Ekwu

her colleague in the Nollywood movie industry

In the screenshot below fans and Nollywood viewer’s advice, they should go for a DNA test for such resemblance. That’s it’s possible the duo are related by blood. 

Chizzy who acted as a twin alongside Stephanie Ekwu in the movie “Identical Twins” has convinced many people to think they are twins while they are not.


Stephanie Ekwu is just a friend and colleague with Chizoba Nwokoye, they are not in anywhere related to each other, they are only lookalikes. They both acted inspirationally as twins in the movie “Identical Twins” which can be able to make you think they were born identical twins in real life.

Chizzy has been in the industry before her lookalike colleague Stephanie. They’re both young blooded ladies, not yet married, both roles in movies are just inspiring, talented, and creative.  Check out their cute photos below.

Nollywood identical twins

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