Mon. Jun 21st, 2021

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A Nigerian man gives N50, 000 to a taxi driver who accidentally damaged his fence (Photos)

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A Nigerian man gives N50, 000 to a taxi driver who accidentally damaged his fence

The way Nigerians handle issues now will surprise you. Last week we saw a kind gesture by a Nigerian who gave a gift to an Uber man that smashed his car instead of him paying for damages…read more

Today, another kind-hearted man has displayed another kind gesture to A driver who bashed his fence.

A driver broke down in tears after a kind-hearted man he bashed his fence gave him the sum of N50,000 to repair his car

Sharing on Facebook, paul wrote;

“Let him go, I thank God the man is strong and alive, I will repair my fence myself.

If I can’t do this little and tender sacrifice for an accident victim, simply because he hits my fence, then God won’t have a reason for placing my condition better than the man.”

“My Transformer and Electric fence were brought down this morning, I don’t know whee the Taxi Man was rushing tobut my joy is that the driver is sound and was not hurt.

I will never allow the struggling man to suffer from an act that can happen to anyone”.


“I was a driver of Binta high school(Wale Adenuga)in Lagos some years back before I started driving danfo and I realized there is no mistake in life except jut Accident.

And if I was maltreated on some occasion that doe not mean I will pay back now. I apologized to him for not raising enough money to give him to repair his tax but at that, I have given him N50,000 to support and repair his car.”


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