Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

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Do You Know These 9 Types Of Overthinking???

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The 9 Types Of Overthinking…

Worries About The Future
Processing the “worst-case scenarios” and
the “what ifs” of something potentially
distressing in the future -for example,
financial struggles or a big work presentation
Rumination About The Past
Constantly going over an event in the past
that hurt you or led to a negative outcome
for example, replaying a traumatic event or
shaming yourself for a mistake you made


3 “Big Picture” Overthinking
Being “stuck” on an outcome behind certain
societal concerns – for example, global
warming, coronavirus, or existential
4 Mindreading
Overthinking how others are perceiving
something – for example, how they view you,
whether they’re still judging you for
something you did in the past, whether they
notice an imperfection you are trying to hide

5 Indecisiveness
Overthinking the outcome of a relatively
“small” decision -for example, what to wear,
or which toothpaste you should buy.
6 Over-Reading Into Things
Analyzing something that objectively doesn’t
justify that much consideration – for
example, fixating on the meaning behind a
surface-level comment for days after it’s said

7 Hopelessness
Being ‚Äústuck” in an unproductive, negative
thought loop about a circumstance – for
example, “I can’t do this”, “there’s no point in
trying”, or “things will never get better”
Being “stuck” in an unproductive negative
thought loop about yourself – for example,
“I’m such a burden”, “I hate my body”, or “I’ll
never get the grades I want”

9 Mental Chatter
Generalized thoughts in the
the background that is passive in
nature but distract you from being
present in the moment

Please kindly take note of these types of overthinking and stay away from them.

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